SWIZZ at 10 Months Old

Mrs Swizz @10 months old 
(GrCh Chumper X Panda)

Remember Swizz? Well, this girl has come along way since our last update!

At 10 months old, Swizz is one of Venomline “Next Generation Females” and is truly on an entirely different level. This may just be the best Female (at the age of 10 months)  that I’ve personally ever seen.

This is one of those rare females that you have to see to believe.. She’s a little above 13″ tall with a 24″ head which is unheard of on a female, let alone a dog her height.

Swizz as a Pupper

39270929_10217039376641631_4173531802989756416_o39157821_2562640007095158_1519365520141320192_o39191485_10217040078739183_3802229380579590144_o39179857_2562640147095144_3863047904197345280_o39188342_10217040079939213_3051925136866279424_o-1.jpg39188283_10217039374761584_5298082544640589824_o.jpg39213489_10217040080459226_6495617579653005312_o.jpgFemale Pocket Bully | Top American Bully Female | Texas Size Bullies39159265_10217039378441676_7809922978623258624_o-1.jpgFemale Pocket Bully | Top American Bully Female | Texas Size Bullies